I will design 3 killer minimalist logo design and branding

3 min readDec 14, 2020

Are you looking for a Special Minimalist Modern logo to elevate your brand ?Look No further!! We are 3 award winning logo designers with up to 10 years in the Graphic industry.

You are paying a high-quality gig to receive perfect quality service and design. There is a reason why big brands opt for a minimal and simple Concept. Your design needs to be recognized within a split second. We’re here to leave out all unnecessary elements and build you a unique logo that packs a powerful message.

Order with confidence from one of the highest-rated designers on Fiverr !!

Our Recent Work Sample : http://flic.kr/s/aHsmyVf2PK

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NOTE : If you’re looking for same quality result as it shown in our portfolio, please order STANDARD/PREMIUM pack only

Why Us ?

Reliable and Quick communication

Minimalist and Modern design

✓ A professional’s touch

Determined to make you happy with the end result !!

Be sure to check out my extras to enhance your order with full identity design additions such as, a visual style guide, Graphic Elements, 3D Mock ups.

Get free consultation, Hearing from you would be an absolute pleasure !

Order a gig now :)


What Support Options Does Fiverr Offer?

Fiverr’s support is the kind you get from a single parent who is loving and caring but has six other kids, and a lot of work to do. They’ll get to you, and they’ll provide good support, but it might take a minute.

… Was that too personal? Whatever, it’s a perfect analogy, so it’s staying in unless my editor decides otherwise.

Help (from Fiverr, not my hard-working mother) is provided in one of three ways: there’s a knowledge base, a ticket system, and a community forum. The knowledge base is extensive, though it didn’t answer all of my personal questions. Even so, it is well organized and keeps the buyer help articles and seller help articles nicely separate. I’d highly encourage you to look there first if you’re having a problem.


My independent research work and honest reviews is supported partially by commissions received when you buy through my website

Enjoy !!




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