Our 10 Favorite Logo Designers on Fiverr

5 min readDec 13, 2020

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Looking to get a logo for your blog or business? Fiverr has great and inexpensive options with designers ready to quickly make you a quality logo for only $5.

Creating your blog’s logo is the biggest part of your blog’s branding.

One of our favorite tools for bloggers is Fiverr because they have a very budget-friendly way to quickly get a great new logo!

Fiverr is a service marketplace where people from all over the world list small jobs like logo designs that they will complete for affordable prices, many starting at just $5.

Running a very active blogging community of almost 200,000 bloggers allows us some special insight into seeing some great logo designs and designers.

Fiverr logo designs have continued to impressed us.

With so many talented designers out there, we decided to compile a list of 10 of our favorite logo designers on Fiverr.

Combining a watercolor backdrop and floral design, this logo from gigblast is a feminine choice.

Consider your brand’s color palette. The green in this logo makes us thinking of a healthy life right away. Even better that this green also means “GO!” for a travel blog. Check out other logo options from designer swadafroz.

Fonts can make a big difference! We love how these two fonts blend together. Check out more from GemmaWilson.

Let your brand name be the star of the show. Logos can feature a stylized font with a smaller image or even none at all. AntonClevela97 has made numerous logos for our students. The airplane taking off from the brand name shows how far this blogger will go. We love how various elements blend together seamlessly in another of AntonClevela97’s creation.

If you’re looking for a more graphic logo, check out this stylish option from MrTranscendence. We love the way two elements, the camera, and ring, perfectly blend together to tell readers exactly what her blog and business are about.

When looking at designers, dream BIG! This logo from Design_Desk is perfect for branding not only on a blog but all kinds of publications.

The best designers combine a beautiful image with a message. We love how this logo from Eliza_Creation stylishly introduces the blog’s health-themed content.

Finding a logo that represents your style is so important! We love this child-friendly and family-forward cartoon logo from TARIKLOGODESIGN.

Dragonflies, mountains, anchors — the right image in your logo can make all the difference. We love the hand-drawn dragonfly bending on its journey from TARIKLOGODESIGN.

The right designer understands your vision and transforms it into something truly beautiful. This logo from TARIKLOGODESIGN showcases what a pro can do to elevate a design. Each designer offers their own packages, so be on the lookout for extras like revisions, media packages, and more!

Having a logo is an essential part of your business’s branding.

These professional designers from Fiverr offer affordable prices on a variety of styles.

We have used Fiverr many times in the past, but we have not personally used these designers, but we are happy to be sharing feedback we have received from others in our blogging community. We are highlighting these designers because they’ve proven that they can do great work and our blogging students and they were happy with their logos.

Fiverr is a simple platform with freelancers of all quality levels. Make sure to do your research and read comments and ratings from previous purchasers of a logo gig before moving forward with your own logo project.


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